The CISO as a Business Enabler: Transforming Security into a Competitive Advantage


The modern enterprise is experiencing constant change. New digital technologies like big data, artificial intelligence, machine learning and multi-cloud environments provide new opportunities and challenges to the established role of the chief information security officer (CISO), requiring it to transform.

The CISO in the digital age will be a role that embraces change and new business opportunities by shifting from a protective “detect and respond” model to a business-driven “predict and prevent” model. In this new way of thinking, the CISO will enable new business opportunities and explore new business models with the help of digital technologies that transform companies into agile enterprises. CISOs can meet these challenges by building and harnessing the power of alliances in the business organization, shifting the security organization into a proactive provider of directly integrated, consumable solutions and using tools with proactive and predictive capabilities to act on threats before they affect the organization.

This ISG white paper The CISO as a Business Enabler: Transforming Security into a Competitive Advantage explores the people, processes and tools that can help the CISO become a predictor and enabler of the business while still providing high-quality security.

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About the author

With over 17 years of experience in the industry, Andreas Dietrich supports customers in the space of security and enterprise service management. Andreas bridges the gap between strategic security consulting and architectural understanding.