Boosting Cherished-Account Relationships for Growth

ISG helps a major tech provider assess and improve relationships with more than a dozen of its top accounts, resulting in additional business.



A well-known multinational IT and consulting company wanted to evaluate and improve its relationships with more than a dozen of its most cherished accounts. In addition to building partnership bonds, the provider hoped to move toward contract renewals and growth in scope and revenues. If challenges were uncovered, this would give the provider time to address them before key contract decision times.

Our work focused on the provider’s accounts across a wide range of industries, including energy, insurance, manufacturing, pharmaceutical, telecommunications and more, impacting thousands of employees across several countries. ISG experts completed more than 100 interviews. We then analyzed the qualitative and quantitative data for reoccurring themes across each account, including specific insights and recommendations that could truly benefit both the provider and the cherished clients. We also leveraged best practices and anonymous benchmarking information from similar companies.

Imagining IT Differently

Imagining IT Differently

The ISG team continually adjusted its approach to best meet the needs of both the provider and its ten-plus chosen client companies. We delivered not only a comprehensive report deeply analyzing the current state, but also more than a dozen account readouts with Q&As, several provider executive briefings, and even custom sessions, such as an onsite internal workshop for one account team.

ISG found several of the accounts were operating OK on a daily basis, but were otherwise “stuck” and unable to adjust either their overall goals, their activities, or the client’s perception of the provider’s capabilities. Several times, the provider and client also needed alignment on contract expectations.

The final report provided targeted recommendations for each account, enabling opportunities to reset and boost the relationships. Account managers collaborated with ISG to support client-facing presentations explaining what their teams could truly do to benefit the clients.


Future Made Possible

  • Both the clients and provider achieved better understanding of their current-state relationships, from strengths and weaknesses to opportunities to improve and grow.
  • The provider’s net promoter score rose at several top accounts as the recommended changes were made.
  • Our work supported new roadmaps refocusing various accounts to benefit day-to-day work and long-term collaboration and innovation.
  • The work rejuvenated many struggling accounts, evident in positive client perception shifts over the following months and the new business earned:
    • A manufacturing client awarded a contract outside the provider’s current area for the first time in more than five years.
    • An energy company awarded two new contracts based on renewed trust and credibility.
    • A transformation opportunity identified by ISG during interviews was awarded after ISG guided the provider to focus solely on this opportunity and demonstrate its portfolio of capabilities to the client’s expectations.