Digital Strategy Helps Publisher Keep Up with the Times

ISG helped a global publishing company design a plan to diversify revenues.



A global media company that produces high-end magazines, websites and digital content for more than 260 million consumers in 30 markets needed to assess its current technology operating model.

It asked ISG to perform a baseline assessment of its technology functions, platforms and teams across 11 regionally organized and wholly owned business divisions.

ISG looked specifically at opportunities for cost efficiency and effectiveness in each environment. Following the discovery phase, ISG recommended a set of initiatives to help the company envision and adapt a digitally enabled future-state target operating model (TOM).
Imagining IT Differently

Imagining IT Differently

ISG took a two-phased approach to designing the digital technology operating model: assess the current model and develop the new model.

During the assessment phase, ISG and a small team from the company visited each of the 11 business divisions to better understand their environments. Each visit contained a presentation from the local division’s enterprise and digital teams, a quantitative data collection exercise in which company data was mapped to the ISG proprietary database, and a qualitative interview and maturity assessment workshop.

After the visits, ISG facilitated a number of workshops informed by the baseline data to devise a technology operating model that would enable the company’s digital transformation.

Future Made Possible

  • The company increased the transparency and granularity of its data about group IT costs and retained workforce.
  • Right away, the company was able to save 5-7 percent of its $40 million budget.
  • It gained a new understanding of the  applications and tools used in each federated division, including total costs of ownership and the business value of core application families.
  • ISG produced a strategy, business case and roadmap for the company’s transformation to a digitally focused architecture, cloud-based collaboration tools and an operating model to support digital initiatives at a global scale.