EU Tendering Process Meets Public Cloud Market



Deutsche Bahn AG, a transportation and logistics service provider, had set itself the strategic goal of migrating over 80 percent of its IT model to the public cloud.
It had set strategic framework parameters in such a way that it needed to first optimize the sourcing bundles. Only then could it subsequently identify and contract with the appropriate provider for public cloud and other non-cloud services necessary for a European Union (EU) public tender process.
It challenged ISG to synchronize the constraints of an EU public tender process with the static bidding processes in the cloud market.
Imagining IT Differently

Imagining IT Differently

After an initial inventory, ISG developed a detailed sourcing and technology map. Using this map, ISG designed an EU-compliant tendering model based on FutureSourceTM, taking into account the existing contracts and employing the ISG RFX One© transaction and contracting approach. 
ISG preceded the public invitation to tender with a preliminary survey of the provider market. Using the results of the survey, the tender took into account functional specifications, contractual arrangements, test scenarios based on real use cases and a financial model which enabled reliable comparisons of the providers’ offerings. ISG designed the new model to meet the requirements of an EU tender.

Future Made Possible

  • The company achieved EU-compliant tendering for standard public cloud services and legacy services by optimizing the tenders and process through use of the ISG FutureSource tool.
  • It created potentials for double-digit IT service cost reductions and minimized risks.
    It met a timeframe of less than 6 months for an EU tendering* with the help of the ISG procedure model.
  • The company adopted the ISG process model and tools used for this engagement as best practices for all future EU tenders.