Generating Insights to Develop the Right Strategy

ISG delivered a combined HR technology and payroll–time and attendance strategy to take the organization into the future.



A $40 billion global metals and mining multinational corporation has a global footprint with 41,000 employees in more than 40 countries. The company had a very complex HR technology environment with disparate HR, payroll, and time and attendance (T&A) systems and processes at various stages of maturity across multiple business units around the world.

The company requested ISG’s assistance to design and deliver a strategic, customer-centric roadmap for HR, payroll, and T&A technology service delivery, including business case development. Key objectives included rationalization of technology, adoption of self-service and other automation and ability to handle market-specific requirements.
Imagining IT Differently

Imagining IT Differently

ISG analyzed the company’s current HR tech environment, reviewed over 70 documents and interviewed approximately 30 people. We also conducted multiple face-to-face workshops and meetings to gain a deep understanding of the company’s environment. ISG then used this information to develop a strategy to help the company anticipate and overcome challenges in moving to a more modern and standardized future state target operating model by leveraging the ISG global network of human capital management (HCM) expertise.

ISG also developed a comprehensive business case using ISG’s proprietary market data and knowledge. This detailed the business case costs and benefits to obtain funding approvals.

Future Made Possible

  • The company gained substantial strategy documentation, which its stakeholders could take to their executives for approval of a global HR tech, payroll and T&A transformation program.
  • The company received reviews of its current systems, processes and resourcing and identified overall productivity and system/ resource savings of 40 percent across seven years with a break-even in two years.
  • If the project is fully realized, the company will move to a modern, integrated solution that provides benefits in workflow, data management, analytics, user experience, automation and a future-proofed solution with strong savings