Managing change for a critical government healthcare supply chain

An organizational change management (OCM) initiative helps a major government health and safety agency prepare users across more than 50 locations for changes to daily supply-chain operations.



A key U.S. agency charged with protecting Americans from health and security threats needed to implement one unified nationwide network for a large healthcare supply-chain IT project. The many individual government entities involved had disparate systems and required a better understanding of—and preparation for—the changes, to promote adoption by 45,000 employees and providers.
Imagining IT Differently

Imagining IT Differently

Consultants worked side-by-side with key influencers to achieve executive alignment and sponsorship for the common vision and business goals, build a change network, facilitate a super user program and a site-readiness program, articulate business impacts, and create a comprehensive training program to address new processes, roles and system functionality.

Future Made Possible

  • A new unified system, processes and roles
  • The elimination of a highly complex funds-management process, redundant infrastructure and systems, and associated overhead
  • Almost $500 million in lowered costs on a one-time basis and additional tens of millions of dollars annually
  • Enhanced data and inventory visibility
  • Improved internal controls, including better forecasting models
  • A renewed focus on public health