Optimizing Global Effectiveness and Efficiency

ISG worked with a global retailer to identify opportunities to improve costs and productivity within its global infrastructure and applications.



The company, a global retailer, recently partnered with ISG to identify opportunities for achieving operational excellence throughout its global IT organization via technology modernization and cost optimization. 
The company’s goals were aimed at driving efficiency and effectiveness through modernization, greater organization agility and scalability, improved service levels and shifting IT spend from operations to strategic initiatives.
Imagining IT Differently

Imagining IT Differently

ISG is working with the company to execute a long-term program with a full understanding of its scope, scale and organizational complexity to inform continuous improvement and service optimization.
As business requirements change, ISG engages with company stakeholders to optimize its IT strategic initiatives and align its partner ecosystem. The key tenets underpinning the program are financial optimization, resourcing efficiency, service speed and quality, and service portfolio effectiveness.

Future Made Possible

  • The company received a high-level strategy and business case for multiple sourcing scenarios, identifying long-term strategies best aligned to its goals.
  • If the company decides to outsource Application Maintenance, Hosting Services, and Level 2 Retail Operations Support, ISG identified the following benefits:
  1. Leverage service provider best practices for adoption of tools, skills, capabilities and processes
  2. Reduce cost due to managed service provider (MSP) solution efficiencies and labor arbitrage
  • If it decides to build a global DevOps organization, we helped the company develop a strategy to:
  1. Increase collaboration with the business resulting in improved service and speed to market
  2. Leverage existing DevOps team learning for global development
  3. Reduce cost by developing a global center in current low-cost location, shifting work effort over 3 years globally