Realizing Savings from a Major Audit Clean–up Effort

Learn how ISG performed a network audit for a large healthcare company, driving significant savings and reducing inventory.



ISG was contracted to perform multiple network projects for a healthcare client.  One aspect of the engagement was to conduct an audit of their current telecom billing environment.  
The audit of the billing would create a clean environment to ensure the data was validated  for other segments of the project. 
The company was unsure how well their internal processes were for finding and resolving errors as well as inventory management.  
Imagining IT Differently

Imagining IT Differently

The overall solution included multiple ISG service lines focused on driving cost out of the business and positioning it for the next technology required by the business.  
The ISG audit and subsequent identification of issues had to be expedited for the other projects.  ISG implemented a team of 4 members to drive faster review and results. 
After data collection was finalized the team turned around the completed review of billing in less than 60 days. The team review close to $3.5 million a month in billing across 159 individuals accounts for the client's main carrier.

Future Made Possible

  • The company obtained $241,139 in one-time credits from resolved billing disputes.
    ISG identified and worked with the company to disconnect over 400 circuits and lines.
  • Overall monthly OPEX savings due to project was $124,487.
  • The company achieved an overall gross return-on-investment from the project of $1,734,983 in savings.