Reimagining Operations for a Leading North American Investment Manager

Find out how ISG re-imagined and then optimized in-scope services through outsourcing, technology and automation as part of an agile, dynamic co-design process with leading service providers.



This leading North American investment management firm had a history of perceived underperformance in its back and middle office (overly bureaucratic, low employee satisfaction, expensive to run). ISG was engaged after the investment firm had already had initial conversations with service providers.

The firm's vision and objectives were to transform its services departments to:

  1. Improve service quality,
  2. Optimize the environment,
  3. Improve employee experience, and
  4. Spend money wisely

The scope of the project was four main functional areas – human resources (HR), finance and accounting (F&A) including procurement, real estate, and facilities and technology.

Imagining IT Differently

Imagining IT Differently

ISG’s proposition was developed to balance a sophisticated solution design for the in-scope business processes while meeting the need for fast returns.

Our solution therefore involved an initial rapid assessment of the current-state environment in comparison with emerging thinking best practice. This meant bringing tools and accelerators to facilitate the investment firm and supplier co-designing a solution which will evolve over time from a relatively traditional outsourcing model to become a horizontalized suite of aggregated services based on user experience with a contact initiated via a front door and white-glove concierge style service, complemented by automation.


Future Made Possible

  • By reviewing the process landscape and running a collaborative co-design selection process to find the right supplier, ISG enabled:
  • Hybrid new operating model, including elements of automation, outsourcing and process re-design;
  • Performance model based on business outcomes;
  • Transparent and milestone-based transformation plan over a 7-year period to drive phased improvements in performance; and
  • Significant cost savings in each of the 7 years.
  • By reimagining what services could look like, ISG helped design a ground-breaking performance measurement framework based on evolving stages of excellence.
  • The firm is now in a position to meet the emerging needs of the in-scope service areas by leveraging an expert partner and the latest technology.