Transform Workplace Services to Cater to New Ways of Working

ISG helps this engineering company outsource its multilingual service desk and the implementation of a remote deskside support team to transform the face-to-face IT support model, reducing IT costs.



A global provider of professional project and asset services in the energy, chemicals and resources markets also provides engineering, procurement and construction expertise to client partners. It has over 55,000 employees located in more than 125 countries. Due to multiple acquisitions and initiatives in the past, the company’s IT operations were location-based and decentralized. With the majority of the workforce now targeted to continue to work remotely and with lower demand for face-to-face IT support, the company saw an opportunity to redistribute the IT workforce to fit new ways of working.  
The company engaged with ISG’s digital sourcing services to outsource multilingual service desk support and the implementation of a remote deskside support services (RDSS) model that will transform part of the deskside support model from location-based staff to a largely remote support team. The company also wanted ISG to assess the overall IT spend and advise it on other areas where it can begin cost optimization.
Imagining IT Differently

Imagining IT Differently

ISG was tasked with assessing and implementing a largely- theoretical review that the company had commissioned through a third party. Leveraging our expertise in sourcing and our local resources, we executed this sourcing program using a more structured approach, providing demonstrable savings and value.
Initially, only the RDSS scope was taken to market through a request for solutions (RFS) per the company’s direction. However, after multiple consulting workshops, ISG highlighted the benefits in terms of both savings and process efficiencies of also outsourcing service desk support and broadening the scope of the RFS, and the company agreed. End users can now avail themselves to service desk support in 5 languages and get a faster resolution to their issues through the RDSS.

ISG also carried out an activity analysis exercise by surveying all the IT resources. Analysis of this data gave us deeper insights on the work patterns and tasks across all IT functions and on what tasks are being carried out from high- or low-cost locations. A detailed report of this analysis was shared with the company.


Future Made Possible

  • The company received annual steady state cost reduction of 31.25% as compared to prior spend on service desk and onsite deskside services.
  • The company can now track the overall service performance through measurement of service-level agreements (SLA) on a monthly basis.
  • Previously, the service desk support was provided in English only. It now has been extended to include multilingual support for 5 languages: English, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian and Mandarin.
  • With the implementation of remote deskside support services, the company was able to move a lot of support activities that were otherwise carried out from a high-cost location to a remote model that can be easily delivered from a low-cost location.
  • Overall, this proved to be a comprehensive shift-left program, including automated resolutions and self-service capabilities.