Vehicle Rental Leader Prepares for Global Change

ISG provides a well-known global vehicle-rental company with a targeted operating model (TOM) and organizational change management (OCM) services for a multi-year digital transformation.



A U.S.-based vehicle rental and leasing company with nearly 10,000 locations worldwide has been operating with a variety of antiquated, disparate systems and regional business processes for reserving, renting, buying and selling vehicles. To remain competitive and build a platform for future growth, the organization decided to replace its core systems and operational processes with one integrated system and standard processes, and to prepare employees, customers and partners for the coming transformation.
Imagining IT Differently

Imagining IT Differently

The company initially engaged ISG to provide TOM and OCM services for two of 10 ongoing global projects. However, the team’s work helped company leaders better understand how the projects were connected, so they could move to a more coordinated program-management approach. ISG then delivered a new target operating model and helped prepare the company for the significant coming changes.

ISG conducted leadership-alignment sessions; performed an organizational-readiness assessment; analyzed key change impacts; designed and implemented a new global change network; developed a training strategy, curriculum and related courses; and created a global communications plan and communications materials distributed through multiple channels. ISG also designed and supported implementation of a global OCM center of excellence (CoE) for future change initiatives.

Future Made Possible

  • The company is moving forward with a holistic change approach for projects affecting 75 percent of its workforce (about 27,000 employees) and integrating 1,800 systems into one standard set of global systems and processes.
  • New stakeholder-management tools and techniques provide a detailed understanding of who is impacted and how, so the company can optimize engagement and training.
  • The client is armed with a new change-communication approach aligned to corporate goals and strategy, as well as a formula to put an effective change network into place to support deployment of new processes, systems and roles.
  • The company now has various OCM tools to help introduce important changes more nimbly – reducing a previous 18-month change process to weeks or even days. It has its first full-time change-management employees and continues to build the team based on the foundation ISG helped put in place.