Capture the X-Factor (Customer-X, Product-X, Enterprise-X) with Digital Thread


Immersive customer experiences are more important than ever. As customer expectations continually change and evolve, how can enterprises keep up?

Product digitization and digital transformation enable the creation of intelligent enterprises and help transform business models. With the ecosystem orchestrated around this transformation, enterprises can deliver an immersive, intuitive and seamless customer experience across the entire product lifecycle. But a key to this kind of digital transformation is a digital thread. A digital thread is a source of data truth that creates consistency, collaboration and alignment across functions by synchronizing related upstream and downstream data in real time. This scalable, universalized and democratized set of data enables enterprise-wide accessibility and continuity across products, processes and people.

A digital thread removes silos in an organization, enables full traceability of information throughout the product journey across value streams and provides better understanding of upstream and downstream decisions. It reduces physical prototypes and modularization of product architecture, streamlines engineering change, reduces time to market and increases revenue from aftersales. In short, it enhances a company’s customer-X, product-X and enterprise-X, especially in terms of the manufacturing of complex connected products.

Read this white paper co-authored by ISG and Bosch Capture the X-Factor (Customer-X, Product-X, Enterprise-X) with Digital Thread to explore the benefits of digital thread, the challenges preventing its wide adoption and how to solve these challenges to enable a successful digital thread strategy for your enterprise.

Download the white paper.