ISG GovernX® - Intelligent Contracting Solution

What is Smart Contracting?

The short answer: an AI-powered negotiating and contracting solution

Intelligent contracting uses technology to save time to create, negotiate and close any contract for any user persona or risk dynamic. Intelligent contracting is a core capability of the ISG GovernX®️ platform. It leverages machine learning tech to give you the ability to programmatically suggest the best possible contract, or remediation given various deal dynamics. These data inputs can be via our easy-to-use Wizards prompts or through real time intelligence data.


quick sign agreements smart contracting governx feature

Quick Sign Agreements

For click-to-sign renewals, addendums or policy updates.

smart negotiation smart contracting governx feature

Smart Negotiation

Reduce the time in redline word attachment inefficiencies using smart deal rooms with AI assisted remediation intelligence and ease of moving to a signature close.

develop api smart contracting governx feature

Integration Ease

Customize to integrate with many other common commercial software systems. Use data from third party solutions to provide added intelligence in contract workflow or risk reduction.

analytics intelligence smart contracting governx feature

Analytics Intelligence

For valued real-time analytics captured to ensure an always improving contract workflow within a smarter contracting system.

develop api smart contracting governx feature

AI Meta Scan

For reviewing incoming or older contract language against current or newly defined risk policies. Just define your search parameters – dates, language normalcy, risk parameters, etc. – and go.  

workflow design smart contracting governx feature

Workflow Designer

Create your own TurboTax like workflows in the generation of templates or contract workflows. Adjust workflows with ease without time delays or usability complexity.

What does intelligent contracting do for your business?

  • A better, less costly contract-to-close ratio with reduced errors and improved cycle times
  • A contract workflow with AI that learns with each use, allowing to draw down costs each year
  • An easier, more governable way to identify and manage risks
  • A clear ROI to top and bottom lines via a faster and more efficient supplier contracting process

Enterprises are under pressure to eliminate redundancies, reduce risk and improve efficiencies throughout the contract lifecycle.

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