ISG GovernX® - Supplier Relationship Management

How to improve supplier relationship management

Manage and measure relationships objectively, and rely on facts for decision-making rather than subjective perceptions.


ISG GovernX® allows you to:


  • Define the portfolio of contracts and business imperatives.
  • Stratify your suppliers into tiers to align the necessary controls commensurate to their impact to the business.
  • Canvas the organization to gather all contractual documents.
  • Itemize key contract meta data and clauses in a database.
  • Validate supplier delivery compliance.
  • Enable a responsive and easy to use contracting capability.
  • Regularly assess/survey high-risk third- and fourth-party suppliers.
  • Monitor market innovation and regularly analyze supplier services, delivery performance and pricing to the market.
  • Take a pulse of business and user satisfaction of supplier delivery.
  • Monitor news and changes in your supplier ecosystem.


Integrate your provider relationships, governance, risk and compliance to make your GRC and VMO operations more efficient. By enabling close tracking of deliverables and obligations (D&O), ISG GovernX® prevents value leakage of third-party supplier operations. Having spend, performance, contract compliance and change data at your fingertips will empower your organization to transform more rapidly, focus on strategy and stay ahead of the competition.


ISG GovernX® combines industry best practices, state-of-the-art technology and expert supplier management support to maximize supplier value and optimize operating expense.

Improve performance for better business outcomes.

Manage your entire portfolio of contracts, continuously monitor and evaluate performance, risks and issues, and integrate seamlessly with financial, procurement and other business applications to drive cohesive decision-making, enhanced collaboration and better insights.


ISG GovernX® uses advanced predictive analytics to help you identify and act on key performance and cost metrics to assure the value of service performance and delivery, build trust and fulfill expectations.


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