ISG Contract Knowledgebase™

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The world’s largest global database of IT, BPO and engineering outsourcing contracts.

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Lead with data-based decisions.

Over $6,298,000 US in Total Contract Value+115,000 contractsGlobal reach Mix of commercial & public contracts Covering BPO, ITO, SaaS engagements


Unparalleled insights to help you find sourcing market opportunities and stay ahead of the competition.

What is the ISG Momentum® Contract KnowledgeBase™?

We put the power of our industry knowledge in your hands.

Search and access the most comprehensive global outsourcing contract database, covering both commercial and public sector contracts. Get insights to customize your go-to-market strategies; strategically plan and align the focus of pursuit teams.

Where does the data come from?

The ISG Contract Knowledgebase™ has been developed through two primary sources –

  • Deep secondary research of publicly available information
  • ISG advised deals (only includes publicly available information)

Our database is refreshed monthly, so you will always have the latest contract data.

Key Features

High-level Overviews

Each enterprise has a detailed outsourcing summary with “active” and “upcoming renewals” opportunity fields to provide a quick overview, as well as parent company data. Access the latest on our database anytime from anywhere on our platform.

Drill-down Search Made Easy

Search for a specific service provider or enterprise or try a keyword. Our rich visualization-based filtering for region, industry or country makes it easy to find what you want and is aligned with Forbes G2000 Industry Groups.

Data for Strategic Decisions

Identify and strategize for upcoming renewals and better understand the provider landscape within specific enterprise accounts to inform your next moves. Set custom alerts or browse for big changes in the market activity that matters to you.


ISG Momentum®

Get unparalleled insights to target pursuits and stay ahead of the competition.

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