Enterprise to Home Office - Call Center Conversion in 48 Hours


Enterprises and governments around the world have no choice today but to require employees and contractors to work from home – and, where it is possible and makes sense, to shift work to employees in less-affected regions. These measures are aimed at maintaining business continuity, so customers can still reach the contact center and interact with your organization. ISG understand the urgency of these challenges, and we are identifying solutions quickly that we believe will help you meet your challenges in these unprecedented times.

Being able to move the physical location of contact center agents is an essential part of responding to a rapidly evolving emergency like the COVID-19 pandemic. When circumstances require closing a location, companies must quickly reroute customer inquiries to one or more alternate locations – whether staffed by internal agents or service provider employees – or distribute incoming contacts across multiple active sites to better handle calls and spikes in volume.

Most businesses and government entities have already seen a large spike in customer contacts since the COVID-19 outbreak. To continue serving customers in this dynamic environment, call center software must have critical capabilities, including elastic scalability and rapid changes to contact flows, interactive voice response (IVR) dialogs and other operational processes.

To maintain business continuity in a changing environment, comply with health regulations and keep your contact center agents safe, your organization may need to transition your contact center agents to their own home or a designated shelter location – and quickly.

ISG can help you get your agents up and running in their new location within 48 hours. The solution is a 25-seat-minimum-no-maximum contact center with the following capabilities:

  • Automatic call distribution and interactive voice response capability
  • Audio Recording Pro technology
  • 99.99% guaranteed availability with a carrier-grade network with global data centers and points of presence (POPs)
  • 24/7/365 network operations monitoring
  • Free unlimited voice ports for 211, 311 and similar emergency service providers

Your customers expect to reach your contact center even in the event of network or voice service outages. You need a global, geographically redundant cloud infrastructure with built-in elasticity to dynamically scale up or down based on demand. We can help you build a solution that is proactively monitored so it can continuously forecast demand with reserves for immediate spikes in volume and ability to add data and storage capacity immediately. And to help you get settled without added pressure, the cloud-based software that enables the solution comes at no charge for the first 45 days.

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About the author

Chris Gruenewald

Chris Gruenewald

Chris Gruenewald is a Director on the ISG Network Advisory Services team.