ISG Star of Excellence™ CX Index 1Q22

Welcome to the inaugural edition of the ISG Star of Excellence™ CX Index, the first in a series of quarterly reports that will shed light on what enterprise buyers really think about their IT and business services providers. The ISG CX Index is the only research series of its kind based on continuous feedback from enterprise customers, gathered through ISG’s ongoing Voice of the Customer survey.

This first ISG CX Index report focuses on customer experiences across industries. Subsequent reports will examine customer experience by geographic region and by technology stack. A final report each year will summarize customer experience across the entire provider landscape, viewed within the context of broader industry trends and technology developments.

We hope you find the insights contained in this report interesting and valuable. We welcome your feedback.

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About the authors

Mrinal Rai

Mrinal Rai is the Principal analyst for Digital Workplace and enterprise collaboration. His area of expertise is digital workplace services and enterprise social collaboration both from a technology and business point of view. He covers key areas around the Workplace and End User computing domain viz., modernizing workplace, Enterprise mobility, BYOD, VDI, managed workplace services, service desk and modernizing IT architecture. In Social business collaboration, he focuses on enterprise social software, content collaboration, team collaboration, social media management and chatbot platforms. He has been with ISG for close to 10 years and has more than 15 years of industry experience. Mrinal works with ISG advisors and clients in engagements related to workplace modernization, social intranet, collaborative workplace, cloud-based VDI, end user computing and service desk. He is also the ISG official media spokesperson in India.

Tarun Vaid

Tarun Vaid is the Senior Lead Analyst covering service line such as Digital Business and SAP Ecosystem. Tarun brings in more than decade of research experience across covering areas such as enterprise application, data management, digital transformation, and SAP Services. Some of the ley research work delivered by Tarun covers tracking IT spending across enterprise application software, drafting though leadership, consulting clients on latest trend and business use cases. Additionally, he has been responsible for delivering end-to-end research projects, working along with internal stakeholders in delivering various consulting projects.

Kiran B

Kiran works as a Data Analyst and has a professional experience of 7+ years. He has pursued master’s in Computer Vision and has worked in multiple fields such as IT and Hospitality. He has worked on market segmentation, customer segmentation and derived insights from customer data and had used it to generate additional revenue. He is passionate about research and analysis and has done advanced exploratory data analysis. He has also worked on data science projects such as ‘Time Series Forecasting’ and ‘Natural Language Processing’ using Neural Networks, in the past. He is currently responsible for insights derivation and automating several tasks using Python.

Heiko Henkes

Heiko Henkes is a Director and Principal Analyst at ISG; in his role as Global ISG Provider Lens (IPL) Content Lead, he is responsible for strategic business management and acts as thought leader for IPL Lead Analysts. His core competencies are in the areas of defining derivations for all types of companies within their IT-based business model transformation. Within this context, Mr. Henkes supports companies to undergo continuous transformation, combining IT competencies with sustainable business strategies and change management. He acts as Keynote speaker in the context of digital innovation.