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2023 Standouts and Highlights

About ISG Case Study Research

ISG Case Study Research examines standout case studies from providers to identify the outstanding attributes and factors that contribute to the success and outcome achievement for clients. This research is unique in its focus on how enterprises partner with providers.

Based on this research, ISG Case Study Standouts recognize the best-in-class work done by service providers in collaboration with enterprise clients. These Standouts are selected based on a multi-dimensional assessment of collaboration from case studies submitted to the ISG Case Study Research.

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Selected Research Findings

  1. In 2023, the case studies represented work that was largely comprised of work embedded in an ongoing relationship – a longer-term managed services partnership or a relationship spanning multiple projects and programs. This is a significant shift from previous years when we saw a relatively bigger share of case studies that were based on standalone projects or programs.
  2. In over half of the case studies, the primary objective of the partnership was the operational transformation of the client’s ongoing business and related improvements in efficiency.
  3. Case studies submitted in 2023 saw fewer examples of partnerships with providers who were new for the client, in comparison to previous two years.

These are select few examples of findings that focus on the partnerships between clients and their providers. As part of this research, ISG has identified additional observations and findings from an analysis of hundreds of case studies along with the publishing of standout case studies.

Providers with Case Study Standout in 2023

Provider logos shown in alphabetical order within a group.

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