ISG Go Green

ISG centers our environmental work on three key pillars:

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Reducing Carbon Emissions

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Pivoting to Green Energy

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Reducing Waste Across our Global Firm

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Learn more about our initiatives and visit the ISG Forest below!

The ISG Forest

ISG measures and monitors our travel-related carbon emissions using TripActions. To offset these emissions, we partnered with TreeNation to plant trees in the ISG Forest. The ISG forest is just like ISG itself: global, diverse and ever growing!

We invite our employees and partners to add to the forest for special occasions - such as to celebrate a promotion, recognize a team member or successful project, or to honor holidays like Earth Day.

In 2021, ISG planted a tree for every employee who pledged to commit to a new "green action" for the year. Look out for more activity in the ISG Forest in 2022 and beyond!

Visit the ISG Forest

ISG’s Sustainability Mission Statement

While ISG is not a producer or manufacturer of material goods, we do have an impact on the environment in other ways. As such, we are committed to playing an active part in protecting the environment by integrating sustainability into our core business functions and acknowledge environmental management to be a corporate priorities. To support the imperative of sustainable business, we have established policies, programs and practices for conducting operations in an environmentally respectful manner. 

The Go Green team commits to understanding our environmental impact and offsetting business critical aspects and building sustainable practices. Our goal is to reduce carbon emissions, pivot to green energy (where possible) and reduce waste across our global company.

It is our policy to ensure our processes meet our environmental standards at all times. We will do this by following the principles of compliance, prevention and improvement.


We will adhere to all relevant laws and regulations and will proactively implement plans and procedures to ensure consistent compliance.


Our global priorities will be to minimize, as much as is practical, the amount of waste ISG generates, ensure responsible methods of disposal, and reduce our carbon effects on the environment.

Continuous Improvement 

To encourage environmental stewardship, we will actively promote and communicate our commitments to all employees, contractors, vendors and clients.