Our People


Scott Bertsch


What he does at ISG

Scott Bertsch mentors and builds the confidence of his 120-person team across Australia, Asia, New Zealand and India so that they can help clients focus on what they do best, and in a cost effective, bottom-line-enhancing manner.

Past achievements for clients

Scott’s 30+ years’ experience encompasses work as a network, telecom and IT technology provider as well as advisor for leading firms in every industry ISG serves. His career also reflects a finely nurtured skill of examining the details that compose all aspects of a client’s spend so they walk away with innovative deliverables that truly solve their problems and remain within their budget. A strategic mindset and sense of patience when building relationships have enabled Scott and his teams to sustain trust with clients and internal stakeholders. He has propelled clients’ successes by:

  • Delivering $129 Million in savings in three years for a $50 Billion managed care consortium. 

  • Implementing a sourcing strategy and identifying invoice and inventory errors for a top 5 US bank. This resulted in renegotiated contracts with their primary telecom and network service providers, updated inventory and more than $15 Million in first-year invoice and inventory audit savings.

  • Onboarding a major financial institution client for 20+ projects for their IT organization. Scott and his team retained a new business relationship—with the same number of projects—after the CIO of that original firm relocated to another firm and reached out for Scott’s and his team’s expertise.

  • Taking a holistic approach, he led the review of the key 35 technology contracts for a top 20 US bank and drove more than $50 Million in savings over three years. 

Overall, Scott and his teams have led and participated in global software, network, telecom and IT technology sourcing, transformation and outsourcing transactions exceeding $7 Billion in value.