Becoming a Customer-First Enterprise


Customer experience does not exist solely in your contact center. And it can’t be just an offshoot of marketing or product support. Customer experience is at the heart of successful enterprises today – and it must operate across all parts of the organization.

The experience customers have with your company – every interaction they have with your brand, its products and its services – colors how they feel about it. Their experience of your business is the reason they want to build a meaningful, sustainable relationship with your company … or not. And today’s customers expect the relationship to be personal, relevant, and timely.

Companies that are committed to putting the customer first recognize that it requires a web of responsibilities across the enterprise with strategies mapped to customers’ interests and needs. Technology can either get in the way between you and your customer – or it can bring you closer than you imagined possible.

The hospitality industry has long understood the important of customer experience. Read my latest piece in Hospitality Technology Magazine about how the hospitality industry has embraced disruption to enhance the guest experience.

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