The IT Operating Model Framework of the Future


What is the correct way to organize IT work to deliver the most value to your business?

This question has been on the agenda of countless CXOs since the 1960s. Unfortunately, there is no one definitive answer that will work at all times in all environments and for all business objectives. But there are methodological approaches that will help you arrive at the correct answer and reap the benefits.

An IT operating model defines and describes the value IT creates for the business, the way work is organized, the roles and responsibilities of different parties, the tools available, etc. Each organization has its own IT operating model – whether it is purposefully designed and documented, or it has evolved over time to fight the latest fire. Consciously designing an IT operating model prevents sub-optimal ways of working that lead to waste and missed opportunities.

To help design your IT operating model and organize IT work to benefit the business, you can use one of many IT operating model frameworks. An IT operating model framework provides the necessary building blocks that help ensure you have no blind spots in planning and carrying out IT work. It is a guide to design and implement the IT operating model that suits your organization’s specific needs.

Read this ISG white paper The IT Operating Model Framework of the Future to explore how operating model frameworks have evolved over time, the advantages of ISG’s state-of-the art operating model framework and future trends and focus areas of operating models.

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About the authors

Veli-Pekka Maekinen

Veli-Pekka has more than fifteen years’ experience in business and IT development and digitization. His expertise includes business-aligned IT strategy, business-IT operating model design, enterprise architecture, program and project management and outsourcing. He also has experience in solution development and architectures. Veli-Pekka has worked for many notable global clients in manufacturing and BFSI.

Cezar Adam

Cezar has been with ISG for more than six years, successfully supporting clients in their digital transformation projects from assessment through design and implementation. As part of ISG’s Adaptive Organization team, Cezar is an expert in digital operating models and IT service management, providing customer-oriented solutions with the highest of standards for operational excellence and continual service improvement.

Kyaw Win Ko

Kyaw brings over 20 years experience of managing digital, operational and organizational transformation projects for Private Equity and FTSE 100 clients. With a wealth of global expertise, Kyaw has led large scale complex transformation and implementation programmes with an excellent track record for senior leadership teams across the UK and Globally (Europe and Middle East regions) in Financial Services, Insurance, IT, Manufacturing, Pharma and Oil & Gas sectors.