Customer Experience (CX) in 2022


Join ISG’s CMO, Paul Gottsegen, as he interviews ISG Advisor, Prashant Kelker, about digital customer experience trends and predictions for 2022 – and the importance of connecting and leveling up your backend operations.



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I think we should go back to the first principles on design of workloads and not fall for newspaper headlines. 


OK, fair enough, and let's fly down from the cloud and talk about the customer experience. Yeah, we've all been through the ringer. Now all the retailers you can go to, there are four or five spots in the parking lot for curbside pickup, which I kind of like. At the Gottsegen household, we don't go to a grocery anymore, but we eat well, and they deliver it. And what’s cool is my sweet wife will give me a heads up where the next delivery is, and then we know that the truck’s within 5 minutes delivering the groceries. 

But see, that's all done, so that's the kind of my new normal in in the world of as we live now, kind of settled in. The dust is settled on the real must-haves over the first wave of, you know, these new challenges and the dynamism. Moving into 2022 customer experience, what are some of the interesting opportunities or challenges that organizations will face as they think about better serving their consumers? 


That's a good question, Paul. I think what organizations have done very well over the last three years is this: they've ticked a few boxes on user experience, be it mobile or portals. They've been working on their front end. 

I think COVID-19 forced everybody to start thinking about curbside pickup, which is actually backend processes. So, most of the spends we are seeing at the moment are moving away from front end to connect front end to mid office to back office. 

So, you know, we’re asking:

  • What's the kind of inventory you need to have curbside pickups? 
  • How much can you predict in advance? 
  • Do you have the right stuff in your inventory? 
  • Do you need a new place to store things? 

I think that's that's where the spends are. 

The second thing is, of course, on ecommerce. We're seeing lots of spends on connecting customer experience with agent experience with employee experience, and then the ecommerce trail which has to go throughout. That's where I think the next spends will be for the coming four or five quarters. 


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Paul Gottsegen

Paul Gottsegen

What he does at ISG

As leader of the entire client experience, including all marketing and communications globally, Paul takes a hands-on approach to the firm’s digital and product marketing, partnerships and alliances, sales enablement and corporate communications. In overseeing ISG research, Paul has strengthened the offering so that it resonates deeply with technology providers and enterprise service providers and is a go-to source for in-depth knowledge of technology trends and advancements. Paul’s purview is underpinned by his steadfast commitment to market technology and how it can be used to grow both ISG’s and clients’ businesses.

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Paul’s experience as a brand evangelist, message creator and full-stack marketer position him perfectly to ensure that ISG’s value proposition is well articulated and its brand impact far-reaching. He has managed teams located across the globe, championed memorable communication and developed a talent of looking beyond black-and-white KPIs to determine whether a marketing strategy is actually effective.

Prashant Kelker

Prashant Kelker

Prashant Kelker leads ISG’s Digital Advisory Services and is the Chief Strategy Officer of ISG. He offers ISG’s clients 21 years of experience in Technology Strategy & Management. He works with enterprises to shape their operating models for a digital journey and brings 25 years of expertise in all aspects of applications and platforms, from designing transformations through the whole sourcing lifecycle. Prashant’s experience spans a range of industries, including Financial Services, Telecom and Media, Automotive and Utilities, and a range of geographies, including Europe, the Americas and India. Recently, he helped a Fortune 50 industrial manufacturing giant define its enterprise wide Digital Thread strategy. He has helped firms consolidate next-generation sourcing for applications, and execute digital transformations. His experience spans from leading core software product development to delivering IT services for application portfolios both onsite as well as offshore – which he combines this with digital trends to bring thought leadership to his engagements.