Index Insider: Does Work-from-Anywhere Impact Talent Acquisition?

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We just wrapped up the 2022 ISG HR Technology and Service Delivery study, and, while we are still analyzing the final results, we want to highlight a key finding on the subject of talent acquisition.
This year, talent, attrition and hiring have been key stories across nearly every industry, mostly driven by COVID and post-COVID macroeconomics. Nowhere is this more clear than the rapid expansion of work-from-home and work-from-anywhere (WFA) models. In theory, hiring without geographical limits should drastically increase the talent pool and even out geographically specific wage inflation. In other words, for roles where WFA is possible, it can improve hiring outcomes.
We tested this theory in our recent survey focused on large enterprises headquartered in North America (though many of them are global firms). What we found is that firms that support WFA are more than twice as likely to rate their talent acquisition as extremely effective as firms that don’t support WFA.
WFA is no panacea. Many roles remain in-person or cannot be performed across time zones. But for roles with flexible requirements, WFA improves talent acquisition.


Work-from-Anywhere Models Correlate to Effective Talent Acquisition


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Alex Bakker

Alex Bakker

Alex leads the Primary Research Team where he focuses on study design, panel research, and interview based research for ISG. In addition to leading the Primary Research practice at ISG, Alex also serves as the lead analyst on provider pursuit effectiveness, and helps IT service providers understand how they can improve performance in the competitive process. 
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Stacey Cadigan

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