ISG INSIGHTS: The Agile Enterprise – The Art of Balancing Control and Autonomy

A successful agile culture hinges on having teams of motivated, inspired, and productive individuals. Innovative businesses today are fueled by the individuals who believe in their purpose, are given the freedom they need to experiment, take calculated risks, and work creatively in order to move things forward. While moving away from traditional hierarchy has its merits, uncontrolled autonomy can easily lead to anarchy that takes the shape of inefficient methods and a lack of clarity around business goals and customer needs. A.K.A. “Organizational Chaos”! How do you strike that hard balance between control and autonomy? How do you maximize agility and autonomy while maintaining requisite control in a “post” COVID world? Hear insights from Missy Lawrence-Johnston, Principal Consultant at ISG, previously presented at the 2020 Agile Enterprise Summit.