ISG INSIGHTS: Turning Adversity into Advantage

Customer service upheavals caused by this crisis have spurred immediate change for survival at contact centers around the globe. Staffing, security, infrastructure, training, shoring locations, providers/captives, channels, performance and work force management— every single part of the typical contact center delivery environment got slammed. Businesses deemed essential saw soaring increases in customer call volumes, contrary to the popular belief that shifts to digital channels came to the rescue. Under enormous pressure, both service providers and corporations with captive service operations scrambled to make swift decisions and be more creative and nimbler than ever before. Truly, Darwin’s survival concept that “it is the one most responsive to change” never rang truer as rapid reaction to system capacity constraints and mandatory shifts to work-at-home models meant success or failure. Hear insights from Sandra Williams, Partner, Banking and Financial Services for the Americas at ISG, previously presented at the 2020 TechXchange: Banking, Financial Services & Insurance.

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