ISG GovernX® - Risk Monitor

Safeguard your operations, reputation, and compliance with real-time supplier alerts.

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ISG Risk Monitor™ provides daily alerts for suppliers and locations on news you should know; along with financial results and vulnerability indexes.

Global industry leaders use ISG Risk Monitor to stay abreast of incidents across third-party suppliers and locations. Third Party Risk Management, Governance Risk & Compliance, Sourcing, Vendor Management, and Security professionals receive alerts to proactively mitigate risks, simplify third-party oversight, maintain business continuity, and strengthen their sourcing and operations.

Risk Monitor is a standalone SaaS service that complements the ISG GovernX® suite of products, the first third-party management platform that allows you to proactively optimize the value of your supplier relationshipsmitigate risks and manage the contract lifecycle with speed and agility.




Mitigate Risk

Alerts of incidents and negative news of your third-party suppliers and locations which may impact your operations, compliance requirements and cause reputational damage.



Simplify Third-Party Oversight

Easy, cloud-based solution that replaces multiple data sources and consolidates critical information into one source of truth.



Maintain Business Continuity

Whether it's transparency of financial viability, litigation in progress for suppliers or natural disasters and unrest for locations, ISG Risk Monitor will enable you to make informed decisions.



Strengthen Sourcing Operations

Decision support for third-party supplier selections, bid evaluations, supplier consolidations, contract re-negotiations, and location considerations.


ISG Risk Monitor Benefits:

  • Avoid or Minimize Operational Disruptions
  • Enhanced Governance & Oversight
  • Replaces Multiple Data Sources
  • Improve Speed in Responding to Risk
  • Instant Cloud Based Solution
  • Leverage Leading Information Sources
  • Understand Global Impacts While Staying Local
  • Monitor Mergers, Acquisitions and Divestitures


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