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ISG Momentum® helps service provider target, win, and retain clients. ISG Momentum® provides a variety of products and services to help your firm maximize your market opportunities.

  • Leverage the ISG Awareness Framework data to develop advisor engagement and education programs that promote an understanding of your capabilities, build trust, and develop advocacy
  • Utilize the ISG Buyer Intent data to prioritize your ABM and sales efforts by identifying those enterprises that are in-market for the products and services your firm sells
  • Utilize the Contract KnowledgeBase data to identify upcoming renewals and to better understand the provider landscape within specific enterprise accounts
  • Promote your digital expertise to enterprises and ISG advisors through the Digital Case Study Book research and awards
  • Learn to clearly communicate your differentiation throughout the sales process applying the ISG Pursuit Optimization and Differentiation methodology
  • Identify areas of strength and weakness in your ISG advised pursuits by participating in our Pursuit Effectiveness Research
  • Inform your go-to-market teams of the latest market data and trends from the Momentum Sourcing Digest and Strategic Perspectives reports

Latest Momentum Reports

ISG Momentum® Sourcing Digest 2021 (Half Yearly) - Market Trends and Insights

Increased spending by companies propelled market growth for outsourcing services in the first half of 2021 compared to the first half of 2020.

ISG Momentum® Strategic Perspectives - Building a Resilient Supply Chain Using Blockchain to Augment Traceability and Transparency

Is your supply chain driving value in today’s competitive, volatile, and progressively demanding market landscape?

ISG Momentum® Strategic Perspectives - ITO Pricing Trends: Market Trends and Insights

ISG annual research into pricing trends for ITO services revealed that service provider pricing is continuing to fall for most service lines, despite disruption from the pandemic.

ISG Momentum® Strategic Perspectives - DataOps Presents Opportunities for Service Providers

To fully harness data at the level that modern competitiveness requires, a business needs to become a cognitive enterprise that builds data-driven insight into all its operations.

ISG Momentum® Strategic Perspectives - Intelligent Demand Sensing

To improve demand forecasting and planning, CPG companies need an agile, intelligent system that can proactively anticipate risks and opportunities and respond to changes in consumer demand.

ISG Momentum® Sourcing Digest May 2021

Cautious spending was one of the few consistent market characteristics across services lines and verticals.

ISG Momentum® Strategic Perspectives - Growing with the Cloud

The demand for increased flexibility and agility is propelling enterprises to look beyond traditional infrastructure and move toward a more flexible cloud-based model.

ISG Momentum® Strategic Perspectives - Enabling Enterprises to Transform Source-to-Pay with Intelligent Automation

One key lever to achieving supply chain transformation is the end-to-end modernization of the source-to-pay (S2P) process.

ISG Momentum® Market Trends & Insights - ITO Pricing Trends

Service provider prices for almost all ITO services were down in 2020 compared to the previous year, with only collaboration application rates rising.

ISG Momentum® Sourcing Digest (Half-Yearly) October 2020

The pandemic had a clear immediate influence on sourcing activity, and the influence was rather consistent across ITO and BPO service lines around the world. Not surprisingly, the sourcing market softened.

ISG Momentum® Strategic Perspectives - Chemical Companies Avoid the Pitfalls in S4/HANA Implementation with OCM

This ISG thought paper explains how OCM programs can help chemical companies avoid or mitigate some of the most common challenges they face when converting to SAP S/4HANA, and why organizational change management increases the return on investment in S/4HANA by reducing the time-to-value.

ISG Momentum® Strategic Perspectives - Four Key Digital Workplace Priorities for COVID-19 and Beyond

This thought leadership paper aims to act as a guide and checklist for enterprise IT functions to enable remote working environment for employees both during and after the pandemic period. It will explore the key technologies required for productive remote working and the best practices to implement them.

ISG Momentum® Strategic Perspectives - Ecosystem Banking: A Spectrum of Opportunity for Technology and Service Providers

Traditional core banking services is passé. Customer experiences defined by social media platforms, entertainment, and retail for example, is setting the tone for delivering banking services as well.

ISG Momentum® Strategic Perspectives - Win the Opportunity to Help Life Science Companies Apply AI to Improve Drug Discovery and Development

Artificial intelligence has made such progress in the Life Science industry that it is causing pharmaceutical companies to shift their focus for innovation.

ISG Momentum® Strategic Perspectives - Preparing for Takeoff: A COVID-19 Global Reset for the Airline and Hotel Industries

Faced with a precipitous decline in demand, the airline and hotel industries are staring at of hundreds of billions of dollars in losses.

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