ISG Women in Digital Awards 

Defining Leadership for the Future

History has given us countless examples of women who have changed business and technology. Women have played a vital role making the digital world what it is today. We know the impact of women in digital can be seen in every part of digital business around the world - and that women are redefining leadership for generations to come.

How Do We Lift Up Women in Digital?

ISG is excited to host our first ever Women in Digital Awards on September 13, 2022. These awards celebrate the women who are breaking the bias, defining new possibilities for women in the workforce and delivering outstanding contributions to the digital world.

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Frequently Asked Questions

There are five categories: Digital Innovator, Rock Star Leader, Women's Advocate, Rising Star, and Women’s Initiative of the Year. Click here to learn more about the categories.


To nominate someone, please click here. You will need to :

  • Enter your contact details and your nominee’s contact details, along with their social media URLs
  • Be prepared to select the award category
  • Be prepared to answer the following questions:
    • Why are you nominating this person?
    • What contribution(s) and achievement(s) qualify the nominee for this award?
    • Was their contribution(s)/achievement(s) for their organization, business, or client? 
    • What metrics, if any, coincide with this nomination (e.g., financial, business growth, or client satisfaction impact)?
    • Please describe their influence. Is it internal via leadership roles, chairing groups, etc. or external via social media, speaking engagements, thought leadership, etc.?
    • What personal qualities have they demonstrated that would qualify them for this nomination (e.g., promotes collaboration, great communicator, supports other women, leads by example)? 
    • Is there any other information you would like us to consider?
  • Have available (and permission to share) any attachments you feel illuminate your points further.

We all have been mentored, supported, guided and led by amazing women.  You might even be one yourself.  ISG’s Women in Digital Awards offers an opportunity to gain industry-wide recognition for exceptional female accomplishments. With an unrivalled jury of influential individuals across the digital space, this is YOUR chance to recognize and celebrate female excellence.

Use this form to submit a nomination - it's a simple, 10-minute-or-less process that collects information on who your nominee is and why the woman you are nominating should be considered for an award category.


These awards are being run by ISG’s Women in Digital program with sponsorship from ISG’s Executive Board. ISG Women in Digital is dedicated to connecting, educating, empowering and recognizing women as they navigate the changing world and make the most of their digital future. The WID Awards supports our objective of recognizing women and their accomplishments. To learn more, click here.

The winner in each category will be announced at the virtual Awards Ceremony on September 13, 2022 and receive a statue commemorating their accomplishment and selection. They will receive recognition via a press release, on ISG’s website, the ISG Women in Digital LinkedIn page, and at ISG events like the Sourcing Industry Conference and the Digital Summit. The winners will have the opportunity to participate in a panel discussion on ISG’s Digital Dish podcast and at an ISG event.

Please email us at [email protected]


ISG Women in Digital Award Categories

Women's Advocate

Plays an active role as a guiding hand for women to succeed in the digital world.  Advocates on an individual level or is a key leader actively promoting, supporting and leading by example diversity and inclusion values and creating an equitable workplace for women.

Digital Innovator

Pushes their organization, client and/or the industry to leverage the latest digital thinking and solutions. She has made a significant impact to her organization, business or client through creative use of digital solutions.

Rising Star

Although early in her career, she demonstrates exceptional and continuous growth in contributions to her organization, company or client(s) with increased levels of leadership, responsibility and sphere of impact.  

Women’s Initiative of the Year

A program or key initiative that significantly inspired, developed or empowered women within an organization or company. The winner will be an entire program or initiative, not a single person.

Rock Star Leader

Women leader that has led her organization through a major transformation, demonstrated exceptional leadership skills and had a significant impact on her organization or company. 

Judges to Select "Digital Titan"

This represents an award for being the most outstanding women in digital. The woman selected is a digital leader that is well respected within her organization and in her industry. She leads her organization in their digital journey and advocates for women in the workplace.

You cannot nominate someone for this category. Instead, the judges will select the "Digital Titan" award from all the applicants. 


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