From “Know What I Want” to “Know Who I Am and What I Need”


This is Chapter 4 of 90 Days Later, an ISG e-book.

Just before COVID-19 hit, companies across the globe began witnessing a shift in ideas about customer experience (CX). Many of the ideas were brought about by environmentalism and social movements that promote equality and inclusion. This new kind of “conscientious consumerism” forced businesses and their supply chains to adapt to maintain customer loyalty.

Then COVID-19 hit, and the world shut down.

Customers could no longer get what they wanted in the ways they had gotten used to. Retail and hospitality shut down. Corporate providers suffered supply chain and support issues that impacted end-client delivery, and customers experienced the negative result. 

Then came the CX pivot. Organizations started to grapple with the issues at hand and defined a new way of delivering “an experience.” Early on in the pandemic, companies found their systems didn’t allow access from home networks, and they couldn’t get products and services where they needed to on time. They were forced to adapt the traditional experience and brand ethos into new channels to maintain a positive customer experience. This is what we call “3D customer experience”. 3DCX.

In the past, companies succeeded if they could predict what their customers wanted. 3DCX takes the discussion one step farther. Done right, it enables organizations to know who their customers are and what they need.

Those who get this right will flourish.

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About the author

Iain Fisher

Iain Fisher

Iain leads ISG’s Future of Work, Customer Experience and ESG solutioning redefining business models and operating models to drive out new ways of working with a CX and ESG focus. He joins up end to end value chains across a number of markets and advises clients on where digital and technology can be used to maximise benefit.  A regular Keynote speaker and online presenter, Iain has also authored several eBooks on these subjects.