Process Orchestration Solutions

Simplify the way you work and get full visibility and autonomy over operations.

Take complex workflows and make them easy to track, manage and optimize in one centralized place. ISG helps you simplify and seamlessly run fragmented processes in the end-to end value chain.​ We know improving the customer experience is critical; our process orchestration solutions help you do so with shorter turn-around-times (TATs), fewer errors, timely SLAs and end-to-end visibility.

Enable humans and digital workers to operate together efficiently while gaining powerful insights with reporting so you can become faster, smarter and more agile.

ISG Automation’s process orchestration solution typically generates 20% productivity across an operation, focusing on 4 areas:

Achieve cost effective and quick implementation, rapid payback and high ROI - in weeks, not months or years.

Implement or extend a Center of Excellence to provide appropriate structure and governance.

Rollout and train automation developers on our low-code platform so the business can be largely self-sufficient.

Build your strategy for extending short terms wins to intelligent automation at scale, combining human, RPA, IDP, OCR and AI-ML tech.

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