From Firefighting to Fighting Fit


This is Chapter 2 of the 90 Days Later e-book.

The pandemic of 2020 challenged every business and market on the planet. Product and service streams suffered while online and digital consumption of services skyrocketed. Meanwhile, ways of working also changed. With the majority of the business population locked down at home and forced to work online, not only does the business model need to be adapted in many cases, but so does the internal operating model to ensure the workforce can supply services the way consumers expect them. Organizations must understand how they must respond to these changes to boost customer and employee experience and address financial, regulatory and other concerns. An organizational assessment and needs test can help determine your hierarchy of needs when it comes to building the workplace of the future.

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About the author

Iain Fisher is a Director within the Northern European Digital Strategy and Solutions Practice.  He is responsible for ISG’s Digital Agility and Future of Work strategies.  An expert in Operational Excellence, Iain’s key focus is on end to end value chain analysis where redesign of the Operating Model along with Organizational Change can be delivered through digital transformation and leads to improved ways of working and an enhanced customer experience