ISG Inform™ Answers

ISG InformX™ provides the performance data you need to evaluate cost, quality, and productivity – and to answer hard questions.

  • How are other organizations leveraging their IT assets?
  • How does your IT spend compare to your competitors?
  • Are you spending the right amount in the right places?
  • Is IT helping drive your digital business strategy?
  • Can you articulate the value IT brings to the business?

These questions require real answers. There’s no time for abstractions.

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With ISG InformX™, you can compare your IT performance and spending against industry norms. Users gain instant access to the world’s largest repository of validated in-depth benchmarking data to quickly assess how they compare with industry peers in allocating IT spending in terms of people, infrastructure, and applications.

As a companion to ISG’s traditional benchmarking and data offerings, it provides a new way to explore why you are different from your peers and what drives those differences.

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