Network-as-a-Service: Simplifying Operations and Increasing Agility and Scalability within a Flexible Commercial Model

This paper examines the current view of Network-as-a-Service (NaaS), providing a perspective on what an enterprise client needs and wants and how the technical and commercial approaches can support those objectives in a complex, transformed environment.

The paper provides context to market forces, drivers and trends that are shaping the evolving NaaS market.

It looks at the different approaches to NaaS and how market perceptions of NaaS have raised new challenges and offered new solutions to the perennial problem of optimizing flexibility, cost, and functionality.

Finally, the paper examines the risks and rewards of NaaS, describes currently accepted practice and then recommends key courses of action through the unique world of NaaS from the buying decision through implementation.

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About the author

For more than a decade at ISG, Rob has led global consulting engagements grounded in complex Information Technology transformation. Rob is recognized as an authority in the ICT industry with experience steeped deeply in Voice and Network technologies, advising in 140+ engagement across the Globe. He brings a seasoned and valued perspective to clients and service providers alike —Rob and his team field the complex ICT projects for ISG.