COVID-19 Pulse Check: Survey of the EMEA Automotive & Manufacturing Industry


The manufacturing industry has been significantly affected by COVID-19. With this in mind ISG investigated the current state of the industry in EMEA and what the “New Normal" will look like following the current crisis.

This survey focuses on how far the digital agenda has changed - and will continue to change. It provides deep insights regarding the following questions:

  • Customer Needs: How do you expect products and services to change? Will there really be a big shift from "physical" to "digital"?
  • Business Strategy: Are there new business models on the horizon because of COVID-19? Which business objectives will accelerate the digital agenda?
  • Industry & Ecosystem: Will existing ecosystems and supply chains change significantly? What will they look like in the future?
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About the author

Andreas Fahr

Andreas Fahr

What he does at ISG

Dedicated to building strong, long-term relationships with each client, Andreas uses his broad perspective on the chemical, life sciences, health, transportation and public sectors to help you find the right IT service providers, to meet your business goals and get the most value out of your operating models and technology partnerships. He is excited to apply his deep knowledge of product digitization, IT management, digital transformation programs and governance best practices and to new sectors and clients in the DACH region.

Past achievements at ISG

In his long career at ISG, Andreas has drawn on his expertise in sourcing strategy and IT optimization to help clients identify and utilize the right vendors and digital tools for their organization. Andreas first joined ISG in the automotive sector, and became a partner focused on manufacturing in the EMEA region, where he:

  • Led the transformation of a multi-brand OEM’s IT program from inception—assessing the future services landscape and crafting a financial plan—through execution and transition, resulting in the OEM’s adoption of a new, standardized service portfolio. 

  • Implemented an innovative technology RFP framework for a large enterprise client, which became a much duplicated and well-known standard within the global client organization and provider space.

  • Supported a client in founding and growing a new digital business unit—where the number of ISG employees on the project has quadrupled to keep up with the unit’s success and rapid expansion.