For the Public Sector, Tech Unlocks Better Citizen Engagement


As ransomware attacks continue to grow in number and severity, governments and public sector organizations are becoming increasingly focused on doing what it takes to avoid business disruptions. No one can afford to "buy back" their operations. Antiquated technology and the work involved in keeping mission-critical applications up to date are driving organizations to engage service providers to minimize this type of disruption.

The drive to the cloud and away from client data centers will continue. Staff retirements and public sector’s inability to compete for new talent will add more urgency to move to the cloud. This will, in effect, transfer the challenge of finding, recruiting and retaining qualified staff to the cloud service provider.

Technology will be the lever to improve service delivery. Governments will invest in technology to monitor air quality, energy consumption, traffic and waste management – and to more effciently deploy government resources and improve service delivery to citizens. In addition, technology will be the key to increasing the transparancy of meetings, budgets, revenues and expenditures – all with the end goal of increasing citizen involvement.

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