Envisioning Safe Mainframe Migrations to the Cloud

Mainframe systems have been supporting business applications for close to 60 years, existing alongside emerging technologies that have been adding new solutions in the business space every year. From writing a message to a friend to driving a car or flying an airplane, software is everywhere. In most instances, the new has not been replacing the old. That is how mainframes have survived, quietly in the background, running applications written 30 to 50 years ago.

The vanguard is the cloud. A focus on digital transformation is increasingly driving companies to operate in the cloud. However, this is pushing the limits of connectivity and putting a stress on their architecture ― creating a distention of ultra-modern digital systems connected to classic mainframes. This is happening so often that one can portend a breakdown in architecture if this trend continues. Consequently, companies that are dependent on mainframes need to have a plan to prevent this disruption from becoming a reality.

Application reengineering and code writing methods and tools have reached a point wherein full automation is possible to safely and economically transform legacy applications into modern cloud solutions. Reengineering an application offers many benefits, including cost savings, improved business continuity, avoidance of vendor lock-in and, most importantly, increased agility. IT leaders should understand the options to safely retire their mainframes.

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