Targeting Technology to the Traveler


The travel, transportation and hospitality industry spent the bulk of 2021 cleaning up after the pandemic and looking ahead and preparing for a new reality centered on “experience” for both for the traveler and the hotel employee. Technology for 2022 and beyond will leverage advanced analytics and data to achieve hyper-personalization, and systems will be able to deliver optimal engagement through personalized, online or mobile-led experiences. The goal is to deliver a seamless experience that leads the customer from planning through booking and traveling and into an ongoing relationship, post-travel.

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About the author

Pratibha Salwan is based in Atlanta and leads the Travel, Transportation, Hospitality and Logistics (TTHL) sector for ISG. With more than 28 years of experience working across the globe, she has spent the past 20 years in the U.S. incubating, growing and expanding her work with digital technologies across the TTHL vertical. She has worked with clients in the Airline, Travel, Transportation, Hospitality, Logistics and Retail industries, and has been responsible for leading the digital charge for multiple organizations, providing domain-led technology solutions.