Our People


John Crews


John Crews, ISG director, is an organizational change and development leader with 20 years of experience and a keen focus on the results-oriented Prosci ADKAR® model of managing change. He has worked on more than 60 organizational change management (OCM) for outsourcing engagements, supporting transactions, transitions and transformations. He regularly leads teams of professionals to develop and deliver OCM targeted at users, managers and other leaders. That includes pre-implementation analyses and design and execution of holistic change plans. John has worked for several well-known global consulting firms and was a certified master training specialist in the U.S. Navy, who developed 32 common-core education courses still being taught at Recruit Training Command and Naval Education and Training Command centers. He has a master’s degree in organizational change/development and a graduate certificate in culturally adaptive organizational leadership from Hawai’i Pacific University. He is certified in Agile, ITIL, organizational systems improvement and management essentials.