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Disruption (AI) is here. Now what?

The power of AI is such that it could impact your business' cost structure by 10x. Today, everyone is at risk of being disrupted by generative AI and machine learning use cases. You need to figure out how to weave AI into your business model as a top agenda item, or run the risk of being left behind. But how can you determine the right moves, cut through the hype, avoid falling for the wrong vendor marketing pitches, and get the full value out of your investments?

To truly unlock the value of AI, you need to go beyond looking at your existing business processes and consider how you can reimagine your business as an AI-augmented organization. Consider three questions:

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  1. Where is your data maturity today, and which data investments are needed to successfully leverage AI?
  2. How can AI augment your employees, processes and products?
  3. Which risks, controls and ethical considerations do you have to navigate?
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Assessing the AI Market

The market is rapidly moving to take advantage of AI capabilities. Some industries are moving quicker than others, with use cases and technology assets to support specific needs. ISG is providing a full, complimentary report assessing the AI market current state and trends to help you get started. Or, talk to an ISG advisor for support on your specific needs, partner ecosystem and decision making.

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AI Sourcing & Value Realization

From maturing your data analytics to determining the effect of AI on brand image, product strategy and existing revenue, ISG is positioned to help you achieve your business goals. Our advisory services are business-value-driven, centering efforts around increasing revenue streams, innovation, customer engagement and market share.

ISG can help you assess your current business model to understand where AI will have the biggest impact, source the best technology, solution and implementation partners for your needs, and realize immediate and long-term value from your investments. Whether it's hyper-personalized customer experience or monetizing your data insights, we are the right partner to help you leverage AI to unlock measurable results. Contact us to get started >

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