ISG Relationship360™

Optimize the value of your provider relationships.

The ISG Relationship360™ captures 360° feedback on the relationship and day-to-day operations with one or multiple providers, or internal IT functions.

The ISG Relationship360™ is a robust tool that assesses the health of key business-to-business engagements. ISG Relationship360™ builds strong, successful and mutually beneficial relationships by helping enterprises:

  1. Understand current levels of satisfaction with each provider and the providers' perceptions of working with you
  2. Benchmark the health of each engagement against the ISG proprietary database
  3. Understand the activities that promote or limit the success of each relationship
  4. Identify how each party could add greater value
  5. Understand what other leading global organizations are doing in the field of strategic vendor relationship alignment
  6. Drive a targeted and joint continuous improvement plan for each provider

Why ISG?

The ISG proprietary database includes:



Only an objective and proven approach can measure the true health of a client-provider relationships. The ISG Relationship360™ is built on six important tenets:







A common mistake is trying to drive improvements in a single layer of the relationship. But an approach that is entirely bottom-up or top-down is rarely successful. The ISG Relationship360™ assesses the health of the relationship at all levels from the perspective of both the client and the provider. The output drives coordinated, unified action at the operational, middle management and executive levels. This is the best way to ensure enduring change.


The ISG Relationship360™ captures 360° feedback on the relationship and day-to-day operations with multiple providers. The client gives feedback on each provider while providers give feedback on the client.

The ISG Relationship360™ methodology relies on the following:

Feedback 50% metrics; 50% qualitative.
Duration Indepth interview takes 45-60 minutes, with the survey taking up to 20 minutes to complete.
Audience Key stakeholders from the Enterprise and providers’ staff engaged with the organisation.
Data capture Indepth interviews and online survey, where each participant receives a personalized URL.
Frequency Annual.

The ISG Relationship360™ assesses a number of key pillars of a sustainable relationship. Both the client and provider give feedback on their experiences with each other across these relationship pillars.


The ISG Relationship360™ deliverables include a detailed report including benchmarking to facilitate market comparisons, key findings, recommendations for each party involved in each relationship and a walkthrough of the results. The program culminates in an action oriented workshop that outlines necessary actions for driving improvements in the engagement. Additional action governance consulting is available to manage the change process on an ongoing basis.

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