ISG Imagine Your Future® Podcast Episode 9: Blockchain – Disrupter or Distracter?


When it comes to blockchain, the jury’s still out. Some believe it’s an example of technology that’s promised much and delivered little. Others think it will have a far-reaching impact on practically every aspect of our lives, much the same way the internet has.

Barry gets together this week with two eminent blockchain thought-leaders, Alex Manders of ISG and Muneeb Shah of Wipro, for the latest episode of the ISG Smartalks™ podcast. Together they define blockchain for the uninitiated and explore how it underpins the existence of cryptocurrencies.

According to Manders and Shah, blockchain technology has the potential to disrupt nearly every industry – from banking and financial services to energy and utilities, healthcare, pharmaceuticals and farming. They argue that its greatest sphere of influence to date has been on cross-industry supply chains in which the technology helps track and trace goods from their provenance to the point of sale in previously unimagined ways. 

The potential range of applications for blockchain is just starting to be understood. In the future, with the advent of interoperability between two or more blockchains, the technology is set to become a key enabler and transformation catalyst to industries and the global economy as a whole.

Whether you’re new to the blockchain debate or have your own views on how the technology will influence our lives, tune in to hear Barry’s lively and enlightening discussion with two esteemed experts in this exciting field.

About the author

Recognized as a Top-Ten Innovator at Information Services Group (ISG), Alex-Paul Manders leads ISG's global Blockchain solutions line and also serves on ISG’s global Digital Leadership Council. Alex-Paul is a prominent industry thought leader on blockchain with hands-on technology experience and is sought out as a subject-matter expert presenter for university and conference presentations. In addition, Alex-Paul writes prolifically on blockchain and other relevant topics and has represented ISG in more than 40 articles featured in leading publications. Contact Alex-Paul at [email protected].

Muneeb is Blockchain Partner & Regional Practice Manager, EMEA in Wipro’s Service Transformation group. With over 15 years of global diversified experience, Muneeb evangelizes cross-industry Wipro blockchain solutions with clients and the wider industry ecosystem. In his current role Muneeb has a strong focus on blockchain and decentralized ledger business models for physically applicable use cases, ecosystem and industry consortium building.