Localization is Key at New Infosys Innovation Center


The Infosys Technology and Innovation Hub in Hartford, Connecticut, is one of six relatively new Infosys facilities based in key U.S. cities, showing the provider’s leadership in a movement that other offshore and nearshore service providers will likely follow soon. 

For the last 20 years, enterprises have been focused on offshoring to significantly reduce development costs. India was one of the major countries to benefit from this trend, and huge service providers, including Infosys, thrived. Now, we’re at a major inflection point as enterprises look for not only cost savings, but tighter and closer working relationships with their service providers. Offshoring can certainly still help a business cut costs, but not nearly as much as a decade ago. Nearshoring is an interesting option, but it still leaves a gap for collaboration and true agile development. Is localization the answer? Infosys and its clients would say yes!

In 2018, Infosys chose not to dip its toe in the water but rather to dive headfirst and open six new offices across the United States. The provider strategically picked locations that were close to major industries and clients they supported as well as large talent pools not already being tapped for computer science. These locations are more affordable, and Infosys’ potential impact is greater. The location in Hartford is no exception. Infosys has already hired 300 employees with a promise of reaching 1,000 by the end of 2020. The talent pool is substantial in and around the Hartford area since more than 20 colleges and universities sit within 50 miles, including the University of Connecticut, Yale, Sacred Heart University, Fairfield University, Quinnipiac and Trinity College just to name a few.

Note: Infosys was the largest U.S. college campus recruiter in 2018!

Why Localization?

Localization builds a tribe of talent that can serve the needs of Infosys and create a workforce and thriving community that attracts new businesses to the area. This is not only good for the city and or state, but good for Infosys since new businesses will create a pipeline of new opportunities they can support. Localization has other softer benefits, including working with local schools to drive STEM education and local community charities that have a direct impact on the area it serves. As an enterprise client, why would you not first consider a service provider that is actively improving the communities where your employees live?

Hands On and Agile

The tour of the new facility includes impressive artificial intelligence and virtual reality demonstrations that will no doubt have a major impact across verticals, including manufacturing, retail and travel and hospitality. The design of the office and the client incubators are set up to foster collaboration and true agile development. Imagine your service provider being down the road or less than an hour away and participating in scrums in real time and in person! That’s localization at its best.

Digital transformation is the buzzword we love to use, but it can mean different things to different people. What Infosys is betting on – and what they are showing all of us – is true digital transformation requires a mix of not just offshore and nearshore labor to reduce costs, but localization that ensures high-quality outcomes through agile development and client interaction. 

If the other five locations in the U.S. are as impressive as the location in Hartford, we will surely see other service providers following suit and finding ways to create their own localization roadmap. In fact, enterprise clients may soon require it!

Learn more about this exciting localization play by Infosys.


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