Cost Efficiency for Post COVID-19 Business Optimization

As businesses start to think about their recovery from COVID-19, one thing has become clear: digital transformation is critical for business resilience. Businesses that were already on a journey to digitization are far better equipped to deal with the changing working environment as a result of the pandemic. Digitization isn’t something that can be put off.

While we know digital transformation pays dividends in the long run, it takes investment in the short term. How will businesses fund the investment in digital technologies to survive the pandemic and thrive in post-recovery?

Now is the time for organizations to reassess their costs and create a streamlined and cost-efficient operation. Opportunities to save money are everywhere, from office leases to supplier contracts. The premise is simple: save money that is currently being wasted to reinvest in the business systems that will bring competitive advantage.

It’s an opportunity to innovate and redesign your organization to be cost-efficient, resilient and flexible. Aim for two goals: identify where to cut costs in the short term and determine where to invest for the long term.

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About the author

Eleanor is a director with responsibility for digital sourcing in ISG across EMEA. She is responsible for shaping the sourcing offering and proposition across EMEA; ensuring that we understand our customers’ evolving needs and continue to address them with best-in-class capabilities. In the past she has led a number of successful European advisory organizations, including Quantum Plus, Source, Alsbridge and SIG.  Eleanor has led teams to success in the Global Sourcing Association awards for innovation and achievements in sourcing. She is a advocate for adoption of emerging technologies and ways of working and has extensive knowledge of RPA, AI, IoT and Blockchain.