ISG Imagine Your Future® Podcast Episode 10: Celebrating Technology in all its Guises


Join us for a look back on the themes and concepts covered in this year’s ISG Smartalks™ podcast series. Barry Matthews and his guests, Eleanor Winn and Bryn Barlow of ISG, reflect on where we’ve been and what we can take away.

Over the course of the series, the podcast has covered diverse technology-related themes that have informed, entertained and inspired listeners. Discussions with guests have explored subjects from blockchain, sourcing, automation and artificial intelligence, to 5G networks, the future of work, service orchestration and the digitization of business, and drawn on the experience of experts from a variety of industries and backgrounds.

Join Barry, Eleanor and Bryn on their journey through the episodes as they discuss the technologies that have had the biggest personal and professional influence, those that promised much but delivered little and those that they believe will have the greatest effect on business over the next 10 years, along with favorite technology gadgets and heroes.

About the author

Eleanor is a director with responsibility for digital sourcing in ISG across EMEA. She is responsible for shaping the sourcing offering and proposition across EMEA; ensuring that we understand our customers’ evolving needs and continue to address them with best-in-class capabilities. In the past she has led a number of successful European advisory organizations, including Quantum Plus, Source, Alsbridge and SIG.  Eleanor has led teams to success in the Global Sourcing Association awards for innovation and achievements in sourcing. She is a advocate for adoption of emerging technologies and ways of working and has extensive knowledge of RPA, AI, IoT and Blockchain.