Bot Costs to Drop by More Than 30% In Two Years – And Here Is How


Recent ISG research among robotic process automation (RPA) users in the DACH region reveals that companies aim to increase the number of processes they are automating by nearly 50 percent over the next two years. In the same time period, they expect the cost per business process automated to drop by more than 30 percent. What must they do to make this drop a reality?
Enterprises can significantly decrease the cost per business process automated, but they will need to plan for some changes in the way they negotiate licensing and implement the tools. These changes include using pre-built functionality stored in libraries or bot stores and building more stable and reliable bots from the outset to keep maintenance efforts and costs in check. Paying close attention to quality, security and stability also will be instrumental in this important next phase of RPA adoption.

Read the specific findings of this research and the impact on enterprises here.

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