Bots and Beyond Episode 25: Automating Decision-Making


Every day, organizations must make hundreds if not thousands of decisions in a complex and fast-changing context. If decision-making is inconsistent or flawed it can be immensely costly for the business. How can enterprises ensure they make high-quality decisions in an efficient way? Intelligent automation technology can help improve and scale complex-decision making and create better outcomes for businesses and customers alike. 

In this episode of the ISG Bots & Beyond podcast, host Wayne Butterfield talks to James Loft, COO of Rainbird Technologies, about the company’s intelligent automation platform. Listen in to learn how Rainbird enables enterprises to codify their decision-making by replicating the process human experts use to come to a decision. This means automated decisions – based on real human experience and skill – can be scaled quickly and made at speed.


About the host

Wayne is an automation pioneer, initially starting out as an early adopter of RPA in 2010, creating one of the first Enterprise scale RPA operations. His early setbacks at Telefonica UK, led to many of the best practices now instilled across RPA centres of excellence around the globe. Customer centric at heart, Wayne also specialises in Customer Service Transformation, and has been helping brands in becoming more Digitally focused for their customers. Wayne is an expert in Online Chat, Social Media and Online Communities, meaning he is perfectly placed to help take advantage of Chat Bots & Virtual Assistants. More recently Wayne has concentrate on Cognitive & AI automation, where he leads the European AI Automation practice, helping brands take advantage of this new wave of automation capability.