How’s Your RPA Journey Going?


ISG joined SSON’s 4-day World Series Virtual Event to present the importance of annual RPA checkups to optimize your Center of Excellence.

How’s Your RPA Journey Going?  Where’s it Going?

Find Out: Get Your Annual RPA Check Up and Benchmarking Now – Use it to Plan and Optimize Next Year

Discover how to determine where your organization aligns on the automation journey continuum and how ISG’s “annual checkup” for your automation Center of Excellence (CoE) can identify opportunities to maximize potential in the coming year. 

Whether you are at the beginning of your automation journey or an “old hat,” now is the time to understand where you stand versus best practices and peer organizations, uncover areas of strength and accomplishment as well as weakness and improvement, and map where you can drive value and create focus to reach the best outcomes and maximize your potential. 

From this you will learn:

  1. Where you are on the automation journey maturity curve and in the use of best practices?
  2. How does your progress compare to others?
  3. What should you focus on to maximize value in the coming year?

If you’d like to discuss this webinar in more detail or if you want to address specific automation challenges your organization may be facing, please contact us.