ISG Imagine Your Future® Podcast Episode 6: 5G and Network Sourcing


5G is just around the corner and many believe the next generation of networks will transform the world in unimaginable ways. From enabling live streaming to driverless cars, 5G will facilitate many technological innovations. Businesses prioritizing customer experience know that fast, reliable network performance can drive improved order fulfilment, payments and customer service. Getting the network “supply chain” right has never been more important because it provides the foundation for digital transformation.

In this episode of the ISG Smarktalks™ podcast, Barry Matthews talks with ISG network experts Phil Hugus and Jon Harrod about what the 5G future holds for us. They discuss what it will mean for the network sourcing market – both for service providers and their customers – and the role 5G will play in transforming businesses. Of course, any new technology at the top of the CIO’s agenda and with implications this big also comes with a lot of hype. Tune in to hear the discussion.

About the authors

Phil Hugus serves as Partner, leading ISG’s Research consulting and benchmarking practice for Europe. For the past thirteen years with the firm, Phil and his teams have led hundreds of client procurement, contract negotiation, benchmarking and market guidance engagements. Phil leads a team of industry provider experts providing global market intelligence, benchmarking support and sales enablement strategies for ISG’s provider and network carrier clients. Most recently Phil was assigned to oversee ISG’s Research practice in Europe. Phil’s vast experience in the telecommunications industry includes merger-related operations and restructuring, strategic development, market development and launch, strategic contract negotiations, and international management.

Jon specialises in the IT and data network/telecommunications sectors with over 25 years delivery, programme and transformation management experience. Jon’s business management experience includes leading the definition, design deployment and delivery of global data network services; analysis of complex sourcing service contracts; product and portfolio management.  Jon has a strong background in managing technical support, network communication infrastructures, business systems and data centre operations,  with a proven ability to plan and lead successful business system and network infrastructure design, implementation and migrations at client, national and global levels.