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Dissecting Disruptors in the CPG and Retail Space

How can CPG and Retail companies thrive despite market pressures – and retain loyal customers – in a highly disrupted and competitive market? Listen in to find out from ISG's Sunder Pillai.

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Rise of the Digital Consumer: Are you Ready?

Are you looking at digital solutions such as direct-to-consumer ecommerce, internet of things, connected smart homes, demand-driven supply chains, or innovation via customer collaboration?

ISG has performed hundreds of engagements for consumer goods companies across the globe. From your procurement to your network, software, next-gen sourcing and benchmarking needs, ISG brings deep industry, market and advisory insights and solutions to help you achieve your strategic goals.

Your Employees Need Flexibility

Optimize employee experience and technology adoption and ROI. ISG can help you provide the security, strategy, flexibility and tools for your employees to adapt to new ways of working, collaborate and increase productivity. 

Your Customers Demand Digital

Reimagine your online retail channel with us. We’ll help you leverage data and intelligent automation in your supply chain, forecasting and back office, and adopt digital solutions to optimize your processes and reach your consumers directly. 

Resetting IT Priorities

Recessions have a way of exposing underlying weakness and accelerating organizational changes. In an industry already reeling from disruption, how can you proactively prepare for what’s coming next?

Join ISG’s Sunder Pillai as he outlines how resetting your IT priorities is your first step at Aspire's The Moving Cheese event.

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Client Stories

Achieving the Future of Training and Continuous Learning

Jun 17, 2021, 16:15 PM
A growing American dairy company receives a cutting-edge learning strategy and training program to bring modern software and processes to its team members at farms and organic processing plants.
Title : Achieving the Future of Training and Continuous Learning
Alternate title :

A private organic dairy with operations in two states supplies and packages products for many of the nation’s largest grocery chains. It needed help training and enabling end users with new workplace enterprise resource planning (ERP) software. While 150 users would directly touch the new software, almost all the company’s 700 employees needed to understand the related processes designed to better manage the business and automate certain functions through digital enablement.

The dairy had previously relied on “old school” peer-to-peer training without any formal materials. ISG’s organizational change management (OCM) team used next-generation tools to build courseware for a blended-learning approach of both instructor-led training and eLearning that let employees learn on the job and through instant “contextual” help online. Users could easily access the newly created learning materials – including e-books, simulations, printable job aids and PowerPoints outlining the new processes – through postings on the company’s content-collaboration website.

ISG’s end-user training team also interviewed the company’s subject-matter experts for information used in the design, development and implementation of customized tools for training their own direct reports and other future users of the Infor M3 food-and-beverage solution and supply-chain-management software. ISG led personalized train-the-trainer sessions with individuals from across the company and then provided instructor-led training for small groups to use new “just-in-time” learning tools on the job. The company leaders were so pleased they asked ISG to help with the opening of a second plant.

  • The project launched on time and slightly under budget.

  • The company is already using the new software and processes to run its daily operations, with end users adapting well to the new ERP. The company now has better customer-order management, warehouse management and supply-chain solutions.

  • The business learned how to better harness the knowledge of its own subject-matter experts and drive adoption for new communications channels/social-collaboration platforms to help educate employees about new processes in the future.

  • The dairy company benefitted from next-generation training tools, including Infor’s Enterprise Performance Accelerator Kit – or EPAK (which is also sold as Oracle’s User Productivity Kit – or UPK – and provides similar functionality to ANCILE uPerform and SAP Enable Now).

  • Training materials about the new systems remain available on the company’s social-collaboration site for future employees.

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